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Hi To All

hi for every one who knew me from this website.u can taste the cool guy now , just gimme a pm and ill show u the coolest time u've ever seen .


how I deal with chat

there is some people take chat like a seruiose  thing in their lives,i call them the dreamers.but i dnt,i take chat like a game, a real easy game.



I'am Zaid From Jordan (irbid) and I'am( 20 ) years old , and working in internet cafe ,and my hight (1,73) , and my weight: (62) k.g

       ( my hobbies are )

football, swimmin,chat,drivin fastly without havin a drives liecens,stay up to the early morn,hatin my studies like wut everybody does,and bein a cool guy by screw the mutha fukaz,lol.....

the id's (sharoon with all his faces & selvestar)

sharoon with all his shapes was mine,& a lot of people asked me: why do i have this id ???i didnt make it bcoz i hate the palistinians,i made it bocz i wanted to make the very few palistinians in  the rooms be pissed off, and now i have changed it bcoz of my friends(my palistinians friends).

and the new id is ( selvestar ) and i have alot of fans bcoz of it,and the people who loves me bcoz this id r very nice people i love them too.

my Emails..!!

for chat:

--< To Send messeg this my Email(

and this on hotmail ( )


my favorite pet is the cat

i love this cat bcoz we have somthin commetment,and that will be our eyes